Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Councilman Frank DiCicco plans an appeal...

Councilman DiCicco is far from pleased with the Gaming Board's decision. Check out his press release below.

News from
Councilman Frank DiCicco
1st District
For Immediate Release

Councilman Frank DiCicco announced that he intends to file an appeal after the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s announced that SugarHouse and Foxwoods Casinos would be issued gaming licenses.

The lawsuit will challenge the issuance of a license to Foxwoods and will explore how and why the PGCB made their final determination.

“There were a lot of concerns raised over this proposal. Concerns not just from community activists, but from engineers, city officials and politicians.” DiCicco said. “I find it difficult to believe that the Board ignored these concerns and I’d like to know why they did.”

In his written testimony in June, DiCicco raised several concerns regarding Foxwoods’ proposal including increased traffic congestion and its proximity to a residential neighborhood. In the same statement, DiCicco was less critical of SugarHouse but did express reservations about the site’s proximity to near neighbors.

Last week, DiCicco had asked the PGCB to delay their announcement for six weeks to address the problems created if two facilities were built on the River. In addition, he believes that a delay would allow the waterfront planning process to be completed in order to provide the Board with specific recommendations.

“Not surprisingly, the Board ignored my constituents and me when they came to this decision,” DiCicco continued, “I think it’s a horrible decision. I will do everything I can to delay construction of the facilities until some of these serious concerns are addressed.”

Regardless of the result of the lawsuit, concerns will still exist over the near neighbors’ quality-of-life. DiCicco pledges to work with the communities and the developers to address these issues and has stated that he will delay zoning approval until agreements can be reached.

Four of the five gaming proposals were located in DiCicco’s district and the Councilman has established himself as a leader on the issue. His efforts include providing written and oral testimony before the PGCB, sponsoring the City’s casino zoning classification, fighting and winning the retention of the City’s zoning rights, calling on the PGCB to delay its decision and sponsoring several resolutions.



Anonymous said...

I just read the Econsult report comissioned by Foxwoods on Take a look at the circle of impact! The poverty and unemployment levels they cite are preposterous. The home values of Pennsport, Queen Village, and Whitman would not be supported by this demographic. Total outright fallacies. Someone (reporters-hint, hint) need to dig into this, as it apparantly factored into the "quasi-judicial" decision process. You would have thought they were referring to Camden or Chester.

Go Frank, cause this fish really stinks.

Anonymous said...

Please help us, I am a homeowner in Whitman, traffic is bad enough here with the growth that has come to our neighborhood in the last few years, and now, a casino within walking distance. I visit Atlantic City, but I wouldn't want to live there!!!!! Atlantic city was a dying town, and the casino's were welcomed there, they are not welcomed here. Traffic on Delaware Ave at times is bumper to bumper, how can we accomate more traffic? You are a politican for the public good, thank you Frank.

Anonymous said...

wow, who got paid off on this one? we were sold down the river for the almighty dollar. our communities have passed thru generations of hard working citizens, proud to live here, now, everything we worked hard all of our lives for will be jepradized with traffic, prostitution, drugs, and an influx of undesierable people. Since when does the ordinary tax payer not have a say in his way of life, let them put the casino's in their own back yard, leave ours alone. Thanks Frank.